Welcome to AVIDEngage

AVIDEngage is a new online series created exclusively for our AVID community. It aims to bring our residents, customers and communities
around Australia together, online.

At AVID, we create neighbourhoods that bring people together and AVIDEngage aims to further Build, Connect and Activate our communities.

Hear from those within our AVID community, as they share their insights and knowledge to help people find inspiration and develop new skills.

Learning Time with Sunshine Sign and Sing

Across a series of 10 videos, you and your children will learn baby and toddler signing through a fun-filled mix of songs, games and stories that are bound to keep the whole family entertained.


Sunshine Sign & Sing


Sunshine Sign & Sing


Sunshine Sign & Sing

Flying in the Sky

Sunshine Sign & Sing

Food & Drink

Sunshine Sign & Sing

Australian Animals

Sunshine Sign & Sing

Easter Sing Along

Sunshine Sign & Sing

Building connections, one at a time

Arts & Crafts

Easter kids craft

Gather your little chicks and keep them entertained with this DIY Easter Kids Craft Webinar that is bound to have the whole family feeling like Picasso.

International Women’s Day


Sit down with usr for an insightful conversation with three unstoppable women as they share their experiences and discuss how they’ve challenged stereotypes.

International Women’s Day

Sunshine Coast Lightning

A conversation with Sunshine Coast Lightning player, Peace Proscovia on her resilience and how she has used her position to motivate those around her and incite hope.

World Music Day

Johnny Spitz

Interview and music with Harmony resident, Johnny Spitz.

World Humanitarian Day

Silver Box

Referencing Florence Littauer’s book, Silver Boxes: The Gift of Encouragement, you will learn how to craft your very own ‘Silver Box’, which we invite you can gift to a neighbour or friend.

Cooking with Shez

Oat, Strawberry and Banana Muffins

Join us as we cook up a storm with elite athlete Laura Scherian from the Sunshine Coast Lightning and show you how to make delicious Oat, Strawberry and Banana Muffins.

Cooking with Shez

Healthy Bubble Bars

Join us as we cook up a storm with elite athlete Laura Scherian from the Sunshine Coast Lightning and show you how to make healthy, kid-friendly Bubble Bars.

Gardening Tips

With Rockbank Nursery

Join us as we chat all things gardening with Michelle Kurilic from Rockbank Nursery, who will teach us how to create the perfect home garden which will be sure to impress guests this festive season.

Dog Training

With Paws, Claws & Tails

Join Charlotte Bryan who is an Internationally Qualified Dog Trainer & Behaviourist (ICDTB), Certified Dog Trick Instructor (CDTI), Certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCCFC),

Easter Kids' Craft

Easter family fun

In celebration of Easter, bust out your arts and craft supplies this weekend and watch AVIDEngage’s most eggciting video yet - our Easter Kids’ Craft tutorial.

Interior Design Tips

Gail's Guide To Your Dream Home

Join us as we chat to Gail Conner, senior interior designer at Dennis Family Homes, about how to create a home design that works for you and your family, and that can easily transition through changes in season and lifestyle.

“AVID’s fundamental philosophy is all about bringing people together to create thriving neighbourhoods and connected communities. So social engagement with our residents and the broader communities has always been one of our driving forces”.

Linda Walsh, GM Marketing and Customer