AVID Property Group is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct, recognising it as an essential component of our responsibility to investors.

Staff participation in Urban Development Institute of Australia, the Urban Land Institute and Property Council of Australia committees, as well as think tanks, government and academic research programmes and mentoring.

Our Governance Environment

The AVID Property Group team initiates, owns, manages and delivers residential and industrial projects. We leverage our broad range of expertise in all stages of the development process and the property industry. Our team’s knowledge and experience adds value to every stage of each development.

AVID Property Group maintains an independent Internal Audit department that is responsible for conducting independent reviews of the control environment, the risk management system and Policies, procedures, systems and processes.

AVID Property Group has a corporate governance structure and hierarchy in place consisting of the Board, the CEO and the Executive Management Team, each of which plays an integral role in the oversight of AVID Property Group’s governance and performance.

This corporate structure is formalised through the Committee Charters, Delegations of Authority, Code of Conduct and a comprehensive set of policies and procedures including a robust Operations Manual which form a fundamental part of AVID Property Group’s risk management, control and governance system.

These policies and procedures remain under constant review as the corporate governance environment evolves. The governance structure in place at AVID Property Group is depicted in the diagram below.

AVID Property Group has a risk management system and approach which is guided by ISO 31000 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines, the global standard for risk management and the Australian Securities Exchange’s Corporate Governance Principles (specifically principle 7) both of which are tailored to be appropriate for AVID Property Group and a number of other policies that seek to manage risks.

Our Governance Structure

Our governance structure has been designed to enable independent auditing and objective risk management throughout the business.