SAVVY house and land buyers are saving thousands of dollars on their homes, taking advantage of dollar incentives that big developers are throwing their way.

Big name developers such as AVID Property Group, Stockland and builders like Clarendon Homes are tapping into the market offering thousands of dollars in extra incentives for those willing to seal the deal.

From gift cards, to monthly giveaways or furniture packages, AVID Property Group general manager Bruce Harper said savvy buyers were taking advantage of the deals and coming out on top.

“We understand breaking into the housing market can be challenging and the difference these types of incentives make to buyers looking for affordable homes that still meet their needs,” Mr Harper said.

AVID Property Group is offering buyers at their Brentwood Forest estate in Bellbird Park a $5,000 Visa gift card when purchasing blocks of land or freehold house and land packages from its Temp Living range, while Stockland is giving away a $10,000 Visa gift card to buyers who purchase a SoLa townhome in their North Lakes development.

Mr Harper said the developer had chosen to give away gift cards because it allowed buyers to spend the money how they chose.

“Combined with the fact Ipswich is a booming region, incentives like this provide an additional leg up for buyers wanting to break into the market,” he said.

Clarendon Homes are using a different technique running with a 21 Summers officer, with heavily discounted airconditioning, floors, exterior packs and upgrades for just $21 saving buyers thousands of dollars in extras.

Combine the developers incentives with the first homebuyer grant of $20,000 and those new to the housing market can be laughing all the way to their new front door.

About Brentwood Forest

Brentwood Forest is located in the rapidly-expanding western growth corridor within the Greater Springfield area, between Brisbane and Ipswich and offers excellent access to both cities. This region will be the recipient of major infrastructure spending, ensuring improved transport links to both Brisbane, Greater Springfield and Ipswich.

Brentwood Forest is an established, family-oriented address that has been designed to give buyers a sense of place, privacy and open space. With playgrounds, quiet streets and easy access to schools, shops, sports facilities and everyday services – it’s all taken care of at Brentwood Forest.

About AVID Property Group

AVID Property Group undertakes industrial and residential development in key growth corridors across Australia. With a pipeline value of $3 billion, our developments encompass broadacre and infill subdivision, incorporating more than 8,500 residential lots and over 640 hectares of industrial land.

AVID Property Group strives to deliver sustainable, community based projects that are progressive and of high quality and well serviced by transport, infrastructure and amenity. Led by highly experienced senior management and development teams with a broad range of expertise, AVID Property Group is able to add significant value at each stage of the project lifecycle. With a record of forming strong relationships, particularly with joint-venture partners, AVID Property Group is committed to extending existing business relationships and developing new opportunities with like-minded individuals, organisations and government.

Figures current as at September 2016