In contrast to buying an established home that’s been designed by and for someone else, building something brand new means you can create a home that’s exactly what you want. There’s no feeling quite like walking into a new house and knowing it was built just for you – but it’s important you’re aware of all the finer details, including any hidden costs of building a house.

Site costs

Your block of land will need to be adequately prepared before construction can begin, and this typically starts with a soil and contour survey – which itself can cost between $1,000 and $2,000.

The results of that survey will have a direct impact on how much you’ll end up paying in site-preparation costs. Sometimes this will involve excavation or demolishing work, and don’t forget that you’ll need to get your major services connected like water, sewage, electricity, gas and more – this can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in additional expenses.

Land Registration

If you’ve found the perfect block of land but it’s currently unregistered, that will be an additional expense you’ll need to cover. The good news is that in a master-planned community, all the land will have been subdivided and registered by the developer, so you won’t have to worry about extra land fees when building a house.

Just some of AVID’s master-planned communities include Harmony on the Sunshine Coast, Brentwood Forest near Brisbane, The Rathbone in Sydney’s Surry Hills, Waterford in the Hunter Region, and Savana and Bloomdale in Victoria.

Driveways and Fencing

This will depend on your builder and what’s included in your contract, so be sure to go over the fine print to ensure you get exactly what you expect from your build.

Sometimes driveways won’t be included in your builder’s quote and you’ll need to hire an external team to pour you a new driveway. Similarly, if you want any specific fencing and it’s not included in your original package then this will be an added cost.


Anyone who’s owned a home knows how expensive and time-consuming a well-maintained garden and yard can be. Some builders may include very basic landscaping services in their quote to build your home, although those will typically be minor inclusions such as patches of grass or a few pavers leading to your front door. If you’re interested in surrounding your new home with visually stunning greenery, you’ll need to source – and pay for – a landscaping company.


Since it’s technically ‘inside’ your new home, paying extra for flooring is something you may not consider. However, some builders only include the standard concrete slab as their flooring.

Make sure you find out exactly what they are offering in your quote, and if you are interested in specific flooring then you’ll either need to negotiate with your builder or pay a bit extra for timber slats or tiles for your new home.

Changes to the House Design

If you purchase a house-and-land package, you’ll already know exactly what your home will look like. And while most designers will work with you – before construction begins – on modifying your home to include everything you want, as soon as you sign on the dotted line that means your home design is locked in.

Of course, sometimes your tastes will change and you’ll want to make an additional modification. But remember that if the designs have been signed off (and especially if construction has already begun), you’ll likely have to pay additional fees to make any changes.


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