Innovative home designs in Brentwood Forest have prompted a surge in demand as homebuyers embrace smaller blocks as a viable option to set up their family home.

With house prices across south-east Queensland steadily increasing – more than any other region since 2000 – and housing affordability decreasing1, Brentwood Forest has introduced a range of one and two-storey family homes from specialist builders, designed specifically to maximise living space on smaller 250 square metre lots.

AVID Property Group Project Sales Manager Simon Ewing said his sales team had noticed a steady increase in buyers looking for a sizeable family home on an ‘apartment budget’.

“With housing affordability decreasing, home buyers are even more conscious of their money and quite often are working with what they have referred to as an ‘apartment budget’, however still dream of a family home,” Mr Ewing said.

“Hopeful homebuyers will come into our sales office and be surprised by how much living space they can have within their price range – these homes are designed to offer families the same amount of liveable area as a traditional sized lot.

“Brentwood Forest is providing families the opportunity to own and live in a home that maximises affordability without skimping on lifestyle.”

AVID Property Group General Manager Queensland Bruce Harper recognised that families want to raise children in a home that’s part of an active and welcoming community.

“Families have an affordable option for a home – a community such as Brentwood Forest has an abundance of outdoor amenities that offer more than a backyard – with forest trails, kick-about spaces, fitness and sport areas and an array of play equipment whilst being surrounded by 52ha of natural bushland,” Mr Harper said.

“The design and architecture used on these homes across a range of builders is very clever, the consideration of housing affordability means buyers can get all the ‘home’ they want at an affordable price.”

Brentwood Forest situated in Bellbird Park is filled with parks and outdoor play equipment for children and families to utilise.