Bruce HarperAVID Property Group’s (AVID) Bruce Harper has been elected the new President of the Queensland Division of the Property Council of Australia for a two-year term, it was announced last night.

A 40-year property industry veteran, Mr Harper takes on the role at a challenging but exciting time for the sector, with billions of dollars in new projects underway, particularly in the south-east corner of Queensland.

As General Manager Queensland at AVID, Mr Harper is responsible for leading many of the innovations that AVID is bringing to the market, including new approaches to broadacre urban development, heightened emphasis on environmental outcomes in residential land development and also the exploration of new housing forms to meet market demand.

He also leads the development team for AVID’s flagship 5000-home Harmony project on the Sunshine Coast, which has continued to out-perform the market since its launch in 2016.

Mr Harper said he was proud and honoured to take on this role on behalf of the industry.

“We’re heading for a few very busy years, with federal, state and local government elections and a lot of activity and policy setting changes in the sector,” Mr Harper said.

The property industry is central to the health of the Australian economy, with one in every three people drawing a wage either directly or indirectly from the sector. In Queensland, the industry pays $19.9 billion per year in wages and salaries and $11.2 billion taxes.

“As the largest single taxpaying industry in the state, the property sector needs to have an active and positive working relationship with legislators,” Mr Harper said.

“I’m proud to take on this leadership role on behalf of all of those people who work in, rely on and benefit from the strength of these businesses.

“As a member association, the Property Council of Australia is vital in protecting the health and prosperity of the industry and we play an important role in seeking to ensure that taxation and policy settings at all levels of government do not put this at risk and kill the golden goose.

“Queensland’s property sector is dynamic and innovative, but also challenged as governments at varying levels pose changes including negative gearing reforms, new taxes and also development regulations.

“With a strong advocacy agenda, the Property Council will support the sector through these times.

“I am confident that the fundamentals of our economy are such that Queensland will not face the impacts currently seen in Sydney where the market had grown and then contracted much more rapidly,” he said.

Mr Harper takes over from Laurence Lancini and will lead a 17-member Council.