Welcome to AVIDEngage

AVIDEngage is a new online series created exclusively for our AVID community. It aims to bring our residents, customers and communities around Australia together, online.

At AVID, we create neighbourhoods that bring people together and AVIDEngage aims to further Build, Connect and Activate our communities.

Hear from those within our AVID community, as they share their insights and knowledge to help people find inspiration and develop new skills.

Building connections, one home at a time

AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign and Sing

Easter themed singalong

Babies and toddlers can enjoy an Easter themed signed singalong webinar with Sunshine Sign and Sing.

AVIDEngage | Arts & Crafts

Easter kids craft

Gather your little chicks and keep them entertained with this DIY Easter Kids Craft Webinar that is bound to have the whole family feeling like Picasso.

AVIDEngage | IWD

International Women’s Day – #ChoosetoChallenge

Sit down with our Waterford Community Development Officer, Olivia Power for an insightful conversation with three unstoppable women – Melissa Histon, Alana Nixon and Laura Jackel – as they share their experiences both professionally and personally and discuss how they’ve challenged stereotypes.

AVIDEngage | IWD

International Women’s Day with the Sunshine Coast Lightning

Harmony’s Community Development Officer, Susana Waldron sat down with elite athlete and Sunshine Coast Lightning player, Peace Proscovia for an in-depth conversation on her resilience and how she has used her position to motivate those around her and incite hope.

AVIDEngage | World Music Day

Interview and music with Harmony resident, Johnny Spitz.

Learning Time with Sunshine Sign and Sing

Across a series of 10 videos, you and your children will learn baby and toddler signing through a fun-filled mix of songs, games and stories that are bound to keep the whole family entertained.

AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing


AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing


AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing


AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing


AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing


AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing


AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing

Flying in the Sky

AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing

Food & Drink

AVIDEngage | Sunshine Sign & Sing



Australian animals
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Food & drink
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“AVID’s fundamental philosophy is all about bringing people together to create thriving neighbourhoods and connected communities. So social engagement with our residents and the broader communities has always been one of our driving forces”.

Linda Walsh, GM Marketing and Customer

Take 3 For The Sea With Broadbeach

Take 3 pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach, waterway or…anywhere!

support the #take3forthesea movement

AVID’s #Take3fortheSea hits the Gold Coast!

On Friday 27 November, 2020, more than 30 environmental warriors from AVID’s Gold Coast office joined Take 3’s CEO Sarah Beard for the first #Take3withAVID clean-up event on the Gold Coast – just around the corner from the Broadbeach office.

After a safety briefing, the team hit what seemed like a pristine beach armed with buckets and rubbish bags to see what they could stop from entering our waterways.

In just under an hour, the team worked together to collect a staggering 3,500 items – more than 14 kilograms – of tiny plastic waste from Kurrawa beach and the Broadbeach surrounds.

“It was truly inspiring to see everyone so committed to being involved and feeling positive about their contribution. It’s not just what we picked up on the day, it’s the conversations we have and the choices we make as individuals and businesses which all contribute to making impactful change.” – Sarah Beard, Take 3 CEO

#Take3withAVID hits the Gold Coast!


We Bring People Together.

No matter where we come from or where we are going, we all want the same thing – we want to belong.

It’s in our DNA. It’s part of what it is to be human.

At AVID Property Group, we create neighbourhoods that bring people together and we turn these neighbourhoods into thriving, connected communities.

We’re fuelled by our passion for creating places and homes that set new benchmarks and enables our residents to enjoy a better life.

At AVID, we bring people together. It is our philosophy. It is who we are. It is at the very core of our culture and it is a fundamental for our customers – now and in the future.

Adjective /’AVID/

Having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something; having an eager desire for; Synonyms: keen, eager, enthusiastic, ardent, passionate, devoted, dedicated, fervent, fervid, zealous, fanatical, voracious, insatiable, wholehearted, earnest, as keen as mustard.

Life at AVID

We are professional, genuine, respectful and enthusiastic.

This is how we engage with each other as employees of AVID.

We value diversity and inclusiveness and support a flexible working environment.

Our employees are engaged and involved and we foster a friendly and welcoming environment for all.

Our values guide our decisions, actions and behaviours day-to-day.


We bring together fresh thinking to embrace the challenges of changing market dynamics to grow and develop our portfolio of communities.


We are committed to bringing people together to create exemplary communities that truly enhance people’s lives and the way they live.


We are agile, driven and passionate. Our free-thinking culture encourages every individual to think differently and to bring new ideas to the table.


We’re fuelled to deliver outstanding communities by our passion for creating places and homes where people love to belong.

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Join our team!

Current Vacancies

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COVID-19 Response

AVID Property Group has recognised that the COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency, that all actions in respect of COVID-19 should be founded in expert health advice. For this reason the AVID WHSE Procedure to manage COVID-19 operates under principles agreed to and implemented by both Federal and State Governments.

Our COVID-19 procedure is designed to ensure AVID:

  • Has a plan in place to respond to the issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Reviews our exposure and infection control policies and procedures, actively promote social distancing, good hand and respiratory hygiene and increase cleaning of common areas within the work environment;
  • Develops and implements safe systems of work that take into account directions and advice provided by health authorities; and
  • Keeps monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it develops, relying on information from authoritative sources such as public health authorities.

AVID Property Group uses a systematic approach to the management of major incidents, emergencies and crises that seriously affect or have the potential to affect the group’s people (including shareholders, employees, contractors, consultants, partners and customers), business operations, assets and/or reputation. Protocols outlined in our COVID-19 WHSE Procedure describe AVID’s response to an extraordinary occurrence, namely the outbreak of COVID-19 virus.

“All AVID staff have reacted positively to the changes required of the business to minimize a potential outbreak of COVID-19 in the workplace. Our stakeholders have also managed to pivot their business’ rapidly to ensure we are all working together to comply with both state and federal legislative requirements to minimize infection rates in the country”. – Duncan Corness, National WHSE Manager


Following the recent announcement from the Queensland State Government on Monday 28 June on the new restrictions for South East Queensland, all staff and customers within our offices, Sales and Information Centres and onsite will be required to wear a face mask from 1am Tuesday 29 June 2021, with restrictions set to be reviewed on Tuesday 13 July 2021.

Further information on the new COVID-19 restrictions in South East Queensland can be found on the Queensland Government website, here: https://bit.ly/3i8OtfC


With stay-at-home orders now in effect across all of Greater Sydney until 11:59pm on Friday 9 July, our Oran Park Town display home and Sydney head office are currently closed, with all staff working remotely. At this time, our Waterford Sales and Information Centre in Chisholm remains open.

For more information on the COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, visit: https://bit.ly/3y14dbe


In line with restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne, face masks are mandatory indoors and strongly recommended outdoors where social distancing isn’t possible. Our customers and staff in each of our Sales and Information Centres and offices are required to wear a mask as all times.

To stay up to date with the latest restrictions in Victoria, visit: https://bit.ly/3qvWors

Work Health and Safety at AVID

At AVID We Bring People Together - Safely

The health and safety of our team and contractors is fundamental to everything we do at AVID, and we pride ourselves on our Workplace Health, Safety and Environment (WHSE) practices across all of our projects, communities and offices.

At AVID, our focus on WHSE extends beyond our team to our customers, stakeholders and the neighbourhoods where we create communities.

It’s about ensuring that we, as a business and as Australians, do not adversely impact the local community or environment in which we live and work.

To find out more about WHSE at AVID, download our policy below.


“Safety is fundamental to everything we do at AVID and it has always been instrumental in our success. We arm our team with the best WHSE practices to ensure that they are able to work safely whether they are onsite, in the office or working remotely,” – Cameron Holt, AVID CEO

Our Approach to Safety

At AVID, we have a well-established WHSE Strategy in place across the entire AVID business and these practice pillars are embedded in the way we work each and every day.


We ensure all staff, contractors and consultants are aware of their WHSE obligations and train everyone in the best practice for their worksite – be that a construction site, the office or even while working from home.

Safety in Design

We work with specialised teams to design out and mitigate all risks as far as reasonably practicable before construction begins.

Leadership and Culture

Building on a culture where everyone is encouraged to speak up on safety matters – making safety everyone’s priority.


AVID regularly reviews and measures a series of WHSE Key Performance Indicators – ensuring that all areas of the business are aware of their WHSE responsibilities.

“AVID’s approach to safety is one where we are committed to creating a proactive safety culture. A culture where people are empowered to speak up about safety matters.” – Duncan Corness, National WHSE Manager

Our Governance

AVID has developed and implemented a WHSE Management System (WHSEMS) to support and promote good health, safety, wellbeing and environmental practices throughout the business at all levels. As acknowledgement of AVID’s effective implementation of the WHSEMS, AVID has been certified to the Australian Standard for:

  • Australian Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (AS4801)
  • International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)

The entire AVID team has worked hard to achieve these certifications and are proud of the culture of safety these promote onsite and in the office.

“We want safety to be part of our DNA, because as we know, the most important reason to work safely isn’t at work at all.” – Duncan Corness, National WHSE Manager

Our Stakeholders

AVID’s approach to WHSE extends beyond its staff to all members of our communities, we pride ourselves on creating safe communities for people to live, work and play safely.

Villaworld Homes

About Villaworld Homes by AVID Property Group

For more than 30 years, Villaworld Homes by AVID Property Group has been creating contemporary, award winning residential communities across the eastern seaboard of Australia. Places where you can live a wonderful life, now and into the future.

Providing more than just land or a home, we create places where people love to belong. Communities that you’ve always dreamed of, with everything you and your family need to thrive.

Your home should be a reflection of you and your family. At a Villaworld Homes by AVID Property Group address, you can design with freedom and create a home you are truly proud of.

We value and appreciate our people, our partners and of course you, our customers. We want buying a new home to deliver value and positive experiences, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Today we’re proud to say more than 45,000 Australians have found their perfect address with Villaworld Homes by AVID Property Group.

The Complete Address

The Completed Home

The Single Contract

Buying with Villaworld Homes is Easy

Choose your address, choose your home and let
the professionals choose everything else for you.

The Complete Address

Know what your home and your street will look like.

The Complete Home

Fixed price, no hidden cost.

The Single Contract

Buying with Villaworld is easy:
1 deposit, 1 contract, 1 final payment.

Start new, upgrade now

You get to decide how your home functions

Buying your new home is a new beginning, it is the foundation to your future and a chance to design your living environment the way you want

New homes are more energy efficient

Overall new homes are much more energy efficient that older homes, thanks to better designs, improved insulation, tighter building regulations and a greater commitment to environmentally sustainable living. As well as being better for the planet, lower utility bills are better for your hip pocket.

It’s your dream home not someone else’s

Building new gives you the chance to do what YOU want, from floorplans and fittings, to paint, tiles and flooring – all how you dreamt it should be.

Avoid renovation expenses

Everything built into a new home is brand new, so you don’t have to worry about hidden plumbing problems or outdated wiring – and it is a lot more convenient and usually a lot less stressful than renovating an existing building


Your new home is covered by a host of warranties – from the included appliances and fittings to the construction itself, check with your selected builder for full details.

With you all the way home

Building your first home is exciting. AvidConnect help take the worry out of this exciting move. Our two-way communication platform can help you with choosing the right block through to contracts, settlement, building and even moving in and meeting your neighbours.

All-time low interest rates

Bank interest rates are at record lows, which is great news for homebuyers. In fact, for many people, monthly mortgage payments may even cheaper than rent.

Better lending

Financial regulators have made it easier for banks to lend money – scrapping the old criteria requiring proof that you could afford a 7% loan and replacing it with a requirement to simply show you can afford a 2.5% rise in your current agreed interest rate.

Stamp Duty
on land only

Unlike buying an established home – where the value of the home and land are factored in – the stamp duty you pay when buying new is applied only to the land, as there is no house yet, and this can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Start New,
Upgrade Now

Ask us about our House & Land options and discover Hillstowe!

Take 3 with AVID Partnership Report

Take 3 with AVID: a year in review

AVID’s partnership with Take 3 in 2018/2019 highlighted the much broader environmental problem we all face as a global society and has enabled the company – including its stakeholders and residents – to be more educated on how to make simple changes each day to make a difference.

Held in and around AVID’s residential communities, from the Sunshine Coast through to regional Victoria, the Take 3…with AVID series of events helped to reach and inspire more than two million Australians.

The series of events included a local school engagement project, an exclusive private film screening at a local cinema and a community clean-up day, which saw more than 350kg of waste cleared in just 12 months.

“The entire Take 3 team and I are thrilled to be partnered with a company that is committed to sustainability and spreading the message of reducing plastic pollution in our communities.”

Tim Silverwood, Take 3 CEO and Co-founder

View Take 3 events wrap-up video

AVID remains committed to sustainability throughout its residential communities along the eastern seaboard of Australia, and further afield, generating awareness of the Take 3 philosophy through regular communication and ongoing activities with residents.

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response – and results – from each local event across the country and really encourage everyone to get on board and do whatever they can to help support this fantastic initiative, to take three for the sea.”

Cameron Holt, AVID Chief Executive Officer

Take 3 powered by AVID Property Group video

Residential Communities

AVID Property Group’s residential and Apartment communities are designed to be sustainable, accessible and affordable, with a mix of land, house and land and completed homes that fit the needs of Australian families.

New South Wales

waterford park

Waterford Living

Chisholm, NSW

Now Selling

The Rathbone

Surry Hills, NSW

Now Selling

sienna gardens

Sienna Gardens

Claremont Meadows, NSW


kooindah waters

Kooindah Waters

Wyong, NSW


georges fair

Georges Fair

Moorebank, NSW




Elderslie, NSW



East Maitland, NSW

Now Selling

View NSW Projects


Little Creek

Kirkwood, QLD

Now Selling


Logan Reserve, QLD

Now Selling


Greenbank, QLD

Now Selling

Brentwood Forest

Bellbird Park, QLD

Now Selling


Sunshine Coast, QLD

Now Selling

View Queensland Projects


Sienna Rise

Plumpton, VIC

Now Selling

Sienna North

Plumpton, VIC

Now Selling


Clyde, VIC

Now Selling


Deanside, VIC

Now Selling



Officer, VIC

Now Selling



Diggers Rest, VIC

Now Selling



Wyndham Vale, VIC

Now Selling

View Victoria Projects

Industrial Developments

AVID Property Group’s Industrial communities focus on delivering developments that meet both the business and lifestyle needs of our primary users, who we partner with to provide flexible, end to end space solutions.

New South Wales

Iron Bark - NSW

Iron Bark Industrial

Smeaton Grange, NSW



Swanbank Industrial

Ipswich, QLD

Now Selling

New Base Business Park

Brendale, QLD

Now Selling


Evans Park

Cranbourne West, VIC


Link360 Industrial Park

Truganina, VIC


Paramount Industrial Estate – Deer Park, VIC

Paramount Industrial

Deer Park, VIC