AVID Property Group’s Brentwood Forest has released a special offer to ‘top up’ hopeful home buyers’ accounts by $5,000, giving those struggling with housing affordability pressures some welcome relief as they strive to enter a competitive South-east Queensland property market.

The $5,000 bonus – provided as a pre-paid VISA gift card – offsets recent cuts to Queensland’s First Home Owners’ Grant and will give eager buyers who purchase in the established community of Brentwood Forest in Bellbird Park a budget boost of almost $100 per week over the duration of a year.

AVID Property Group General Manager Queensland Bruce Harper said the ‘top up’ would make a tangible difference to a family’s ability to afford their dream home.

“By providing a $5,000 bonus we hope to make things a little easier for buyers, offering young couples, downsizers, families and first home buyers a more positive experience when purchasing a property,” said Mr Harper.

“Buyers can spend it how they want – mortgage repayments, new furnishings, a holiday, school costs – or simply add it to their budget to help with daily living expenses.”

With housing affordability decreasing1, Brentwood Forest is distinguishing itself from the crowd with affordable Housing options, a vibrant community and relaxed bushland setting. The monetary bonus offered by AVID adds even more incentive for buyers to consider their options carefully.

AVID Brentwood Forest Development Manager Peter MacLeod said the announcement in June that the First Home Owners Grant would be dropped to $15,000 had prompted a rush of eager buyers who didn’t want to miss out.

“The demand in the market is still there and this offer allows home buyers who missed out on the increased home owners grant a second shot at grabbing a great opportunity,” Mr MacLeod said.

Brentwood Forest has surged in popularity in 2018, with a number of extra amenities becoming available, including the $1.4 million Tucker Family Park.

“The community here in Brentwood Forest is well established, there is always children in the parks and families spending time together – the VISA gift card is an added bonus for families dreaming of home ownership.”

The $5,000 VISA gift card offer was launched on 1 September and will be valid until 12 October, 2018.

To date, more than 800 lots have been purchased in the 162ha community with the majority of buyers being young families.