Strong Sales continue at Carolina

Since July this year sales have continued strongly at Carolina with Stage 3 selling out and stages 4, 5 and 11 being released to the market.

Stage 3 included three land releases titled Discover, Explorer and Wander. These three separate releases offered a total of 29 opportunities to join our growing community and were quickly snapped up by families eager to call Carolina home. Titles are expected for this stage in April 2022.

Currently, limited lots remain in Stage 4 after the release of the Adventurer, Seek and Wander releases. Titles are expected for the stage in May 2022.

Stage 11 at Carolina was divided into 5 releases over the last few months and only 3 land lots remain available. Titles are expected in May 2022 along with Stage 4.

After the successful sellout of the Scout Release, the first part of stage 5, the Voyager Release will be available to purchase from Saturday 20th November.

Recently we also partnered with PDX of Porter Davis to launch four exclusive house and land packages facing the future Grand Linear Reserve. These bespoke homes begin at just $560,900 with blocks ranging in size from 256m2. Titles are expected in May 2022 and only 1 opportunity remains to secure one of these unique packages!