Thornton Public School’s music program has more than doubled its participation levels in the past three years thanks to a $15,000 sponsorship by AVID Property Group’s Harvest development at Chisholm.

AVID’s Harvest has sponsored the school’s music program since 2015, helping reduce tuition costs and peaking the children’s interest in music.

The developer’s investment is helping build the next generation of musical masterminds with Thornton Public School who named their rock band – The Harvest Rock Ensemble.

Thornton Public School’s Assistant Principal and Band Coordinator, Petra Yager, said Harvest’s endorsement has seen the music program more than double in size.

“There are now 100 children in the music program and the interest across the school has been high, with tutorials now running every day of the week,” Ms Yager said.

“Music is for everyone; it offers an array of educational benefits to maximise a child’s future opportunities – from fostering creativity, promoting teamwork, developing concentration and memory abilities and providing a lasting contribution to Australia’s social, cultural and economic growth.”

“Harvest’s involvement has supported the children in a hands-on activity that will boost their confidence and self-expression, which is a huge part of their developmental progress.

“The children love performing, learning new songs and even writing their own music! Their keen interest in music continues to grow and they encourage their classmates to get involved.

“We have added two extra bands to the program and have bought new drums for a marching corps. All the children are passionate about the artform and work so hard.”

In addition to the sponsorship, Ms Yager said the bands have already raised $330 {this year?} at performances with proceeds going towards band uniforms which the children are helping design.

AVID NSW Project Director, Nathan Huon said Harvest is about more than just building homes –we are committed to building a community.

“I’m glad we’re able to support such a fantastic initiative, as the music program at Thornton Public School gives a child a long list of benefits that they can carry through life,” Mr Huon said.

“Children in our communities are our future, so the sponsorship of the music programs was an easy decision.”

“Building Harvest here in Chisholm involved a lot of people working together and music teaches you that skill – collaboration – which is valued and needed in everyday life”, he said.

“The Harvest Rock Ensemble is a big part of our community events – they just played at our Easter event for over 350 people, showcasing their enthusiasm, skill and talent.

“I think we all know good music can provide happiness to a whole community, especially when the children hear the applause and you see the big smiles on their faces,” he said.