At AVID We Bring People Together - Safely

The health and safety of our team and contractors is fundamental to everything we do at AVID, and we pride ourselves on our Workplace Health, Safety and Environment (WHSE) practices across all of our projects, communities and offices.

At AVID, our focus on WHSE extends beyond our team to our customers, stakeholders and the neighbourhoods where we create communities.

It’s about ensuring that we, as a business and as Australians, do not adversely impact the local community or environment in which we live and work.

To find out more about WHSE at AVID, download our policy below.


“Safety is fundamental to everything we do at AVID and it has always been instrumental in our success. We arm our team with the best WHSE practices to ensure that they are able to work safely whether they are onsite, in the office or working remotely,” – Cameron Holt, AVID CEO

Our Approach to Safety

At AVID, we have a well-established WHSE Strategy in place across the entire AVID business and these practice pillars are embedded in the way we work each and every day.


We ensure all staff, contractors and consultants are aware of their WHSE obligations and train everyone in the best practice for their worksite – be that a construction site, the office or even while working from home.

Safety in Design

We work with specialised teams to design out and mitigate all risks as far as reasonably practicable before construction begins.

Leadership and Culture

Building on a culture where everyone is encouraged to speak up on safety matters – making safety everyone’s priority.


AVID regularly reviews and measures a series of WHSE Key Performance Indicators – ensuring that all areas of the business are aware of their WHSE responsibilities.

“AVID’s approach to safety is one where we are committed to creating a proactive safety culture. A culture where people are empowered to speak up about safety matters.” – Duncan Corness, National WHSE Manager

Our Governance

AVID has developed and implemented a WHSE Management System (WHSEMS) to support and promote good health, safety, wellbeing and environmental practices throughout the business at all levels. As acknowledgement of AVID’s effective implementation of the WHSEMS, AVID has been certified to:

  • International Standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO45001)
  • International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)

The entire AVID team has worked hard to achieve these certifications and are proud of the culture of safety these promote onsite and in the office.

“We want safety to be part of our DNA, because as we know, the most important reason to work safely isn’t at work at all.” – Duncan Corness, National WHSE Manager

Our Stakeholders

AVID’s approach to WHSE extends beyond its staff to all members of our communities, we pride ourselves on creating safe communities for people to live, work and play safely.