Environmental sustainability is a commitment that AVID chooses to make and you can see it in everything we do… from tree planting and purple pipe recycled water systems at Bloomdale in Victoria, to the use of bio-pod water cleansing plants and the re-vegetation of endemic species in stormwater detention basins at NewBase Business Park north of Brisbane.

Our approach trims cost from our development budgets but delivers so much more to the community in terms of positive environmental management. Sometimes we get to take an opportunity so much further, as was the case with the Aboriginal Landcare Education Program (ALEP) at our Breezes community in Muirhead, Northern Territory.

Aboriginal Landcare Education Program (ALEP) at Breezes Muirhead NT

*According to Defence Housing Australia (DHA) and Greening Australia NT data as at August 2016.

The AVID project team initiated an innovative education program in partnership with Greening Australia Northern Territory (GANT) and Defence Housing Australia (DHA).

The objective of the program was to provide education and training to assist indigenous youth in acquiring knowledge, on-site training and ultimately transition them into full time employment while simultaneously securing plant supply for a large residential masterplanned community in Darwin, Breezes Muirhead.

The program consistently recorded one of the highest success rates of any Indigenous training program in Australia, with 63 percent of participants so far completing their qualification and going on to work or further education.*

AVID is working with UDIA’s EnviroDevelopment team to achieve exceptional sustainability outcomes.

Bloomdale reaches for the stars

At AVID’s Bloomdale community in Victoria, we’re offering our new residents smart choices for water, power and communication technology.

We know everyone wants high-speed internet and to be able to use technology flexibly in their homes. With this in mind, AVID has ensured that the NBN is available to Bloomdale residents from day one and we’re helping to educate people to take full advantage of the benefits.

Also, we know our residents are focused on the wise use of resources. So, with our builder partners, AVID is delivering options for energy efficiency within homes, plus water re-use outside of the home via access to Class A recycled water with a purple pipe system.

As well, AVID is supporting the local economy by planning future nearby employment zones, optimising the opportunity for our residents to work within walking distance of home.

13ha of wetlands

Recycled water reduces potable water consumption by up to 50%

40km shared working and cycling paths

6 community parks

650+ short term jobs and 1,300+ long term local jobs


AVID’s core purpose is to create places where people live, work and spend their leisure time. However, we know that ‘place making’ is much more than physical infrastructure alone. Our focus is on creating connected communities, places where people have a sense of belonging… true neighbourhoods.

We foster community through the creation of local events and activities hosted in our parks, by contributing ideas and resources to community clubs and schools, and by energetically contributing to conversation via social media, meetings and workshops.

We also give back to the communities in which we live and work by focusing  sponsorship contributions on local needs. Whether it’s cash to purchase musical instruments for a school band or sponsorship of annual Christmas Carol events, our sponsorship approach is local all the way.

“When a sense of community is ignited in a neighbourhood, people feel more connected and welcome, creating a more engaged community.”

Jana Gorman, Marketing Manager NSW


AVID Property Group’s commitment to financial sustainability can be seen in both the project management principles we apply to our projects and the way in which we maintain involvement in communities long after our construction work is done.

We plan and position our projects to draw on the local workforce and product supply. In doing so, we contribute to the economic vitality of the region. In our industrial, retail and commercial projects, we create facilities, which provide ongoing economic stimulus and employment.

Ultimately, the strongest measure of AVID’s commitment to economic sustainability may be in our commitment to diversity and affordability. By focusing on value at every price point and by employing innovative solutions for specific needs and emerging markets, we can truly contribute to economic sustainability for not only families and businesses but for entire communities.

NewBase Business Park contributing to Water Sensitive Urban Design at precinct level

250,000 plants

10.5% of site dedicated to WSUD and biodiversity

45,000 bio-pod water cleansing tubestock plants

37,300 cubic metres of storage, volume equivalent to 15 Olympic swimming pools

2,500 trees planted

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