Take 3 pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach, waterway or…anywhere!

AVID is proud to be supporting the Take 3 for the Sea movement

Take 3 is committed to reducing plastic pollution through education and public participation.

In collaboration with Take 3, AVID hosted a series of community events across Australia’s eastern seaboard in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Held in and around AVID’s residential communities, from the Sunshine Coast through to regional Victoria, the Take 3…with AVID series of events helped to reach and inspire more than two million Australians.

This year, in 2021, AVID will continue to spread Take 3’s message, for the fourth year in a row, throughout its communities – empowering residents to become changemakers and help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our waterways and oceans.

By enabling local communities to get behind the Take 3 initiative, AVID will support Take 3 in its mission to educate the next generation and inspire genuine change, creating a cleaner environment for the future.

About Take 3

Take 3 believes in simple actions to address complex problems.

The global organisation is leading a movement of people who are connected to the planet to remove plastic pollution from the environment and support measures to prevent waste and pollution.

Its education programs in schools, surf clubs, communities and online focus on inspiration and participation. Take 3 believe everyone has the power to take action and create positive change, no matter where they are.

Take the pledge to #Take3fortheSea wherever you are

The Take 3 message is simple: take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway – or anywhere! – and you’ve made a difference.

Pick it Up! Snap it! Share it!

Get involved on social media – remember to pick it up, snap it and share it using #Take3fortheSea to join the online movement and make your contribution count.

Take the pledge to get involved for a day, a week or even a year – every bit counts!

For more information visit www.take3.org

Take 3’s CEO Sarah Beard’s three simple steps to contribute to the #Take3 message every day:

Take 3 for the Sea wherever you are (and take a photo and share with #Take3) and be part of the Take 3 movement.

2. Make a commitment to not use single-use plastics – in the workplace, out and about, and at home. Be the difference!

3. Encourage others to join you when you Take 3 – word of mouth is powerful.

To find out more about AVID’s Take 3 community events, click on the project below.